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James Cameron's Expedition: Bismarck

Directors: James Cameron, Gary Johnstone

Great Wight Production for Discovery Channel

120' Special

A Discovery Channel flagship production, the film follows the legendary Cameron on an expedition to dive down to the wreck of the Bismarck 3 miles below the surface of the North Atlantic. I shot all life aboard the ship for 3 1/2 weeks in a hand-held observational style.

Non-Fiction Cinematography Emmy nomination for Neve Cunningham.

Exploding light.jpg
One Day in September

Director : Kevin MacDonald

Passion Pictures for BBC and Theatrical release


The story of the terrorist siege at the Munich ’72 Olympics brought to life through interviews with the key players and stylized reconstructions. Filmed in London and Munich. 16mm and 35mm film.

Oscar winner 2001 – Best Documentary Feature.

Woody Allen: a documentary

Director : Robert B. Weide

Whyaduck Productions for Cinema and DVD


For the first time ever Woody Allen lets cameras film him at work on set. I was the cameraman selected to capture this creative process on location in London for the filming of 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'. Directed by Robert W. Weide, Oscar nominated director of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Banged Up Abroad / Locked Up Abroad

Directors : Kim Flitcroft, David Bartlett, Paul Berczeller, Russel Eatough, Stephen Kemp, Katinka Newman, Justin Hardy

Raw TV for National Geographic and Channel 5

10 x  60'

Allegedly Martin Scorsese's favourite TV series, the stories of those who've ended up in jail abroad, usually after trying to smuggle drugs. Fast-paced, highly stylized reconstructions shot in locations around the world. High contrast lighting and dynamic hand-held camerawork interwoven with in-depth interviews.

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Lost Treasures of Afghanistan

Director : James Barratt

National Geographic Television - Specials


A group of men risk their lives to save Afghanistan’s cultural and archaeological heritage. And, the search is on for a third giant Buddha buried under the ground at Bamiyan, very near to where the two giant Buddha's were destroyed by the Taliban.

Welcome to Murdertown

Directors : Tom Pollock, Alex Lacey, Fergus Colville

BriteSpark Films for Investigation Discovery

6 x 60'

A clutch of baffling murders in small town America are revisited. First hand testimony from friends, relatives, police and legal teams is mixed with cinematic dramatic reconstructions. Shot in the USA and South Africa.

Web of Lies

Director : Tom Pollock

Blast ! Films for Investigation Discovery

2 x60'

Tragic stories of young people falling victim to online and social media predators. Re-enactments are mixed with insight from the police, true-crime experts and psychologists, plus first-person accounts from friends and families of the victims. Shot in the USA and Canada.

Should I Test My Genes

Director : Adam Wishart

BBC Bristol


A sensitive and intelligent study of the desperate situations faced by those people who discover that they have inherited certain diseases through their genes. Interviews and observation directed by Grierson Award winning director, Adam Wishart.

Warrior Graveyard - Samurai

Director : David Howard

October Films for Channel 4


A forensic archaeologist studies the injuries on Samurai bones discovered at the site of an ancient battle and suggests how they met their end. 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' style recreations using wires in a large studio set, battle sequences involving multiple stuntmen, many horses and a big dollop of CGI and green screen.

World's Strangest

Director : Tim Usborne

Boundless for Discovery Channels

4 x 60'

Bizarre incidents and odd inventions are explored in this visually striking series shot with Shift / Tilt, Lensbaby and Ultra Fisheye lenses. From Opals in Coober Pedy, Australia to the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to Bananas in Iceland.

Somebody Told Me About . . . Carla Bruni

Director : George Scott

Isis Productions for International Distribution


Very intimate film, with amazing access, following Carla Bruni as she records her third album.

The Sex Researchers

Director : Stephen Kemp

Wag TV for Channel 4

3 x 60'

A three part series looking at past and present research into human sexual behaviour. Interviews, observational documentary and dramatic reconstructions.

King Tut's Final Secrets

Drector: Brando Quilici

BQ Productions for National Geographic


Tutankhamun's mummy is taken out of his tomb in the middle of the night and put into a CT scanner to try and determine once and for all how he died. We filmed the whole of this process for a National Geographic Special which went on to make news headlines around the world.

Left for Dead

Director : Kim Flitcroft

BriteSpark Films for Channel 5

2 x 60'

Two films that re-examine the crimes of the Moors Murderers and Levi Bellfield. These stories are retold using the testimony of close friends and relatives of the victims, as well as those who had lucky escapes.

Handsome Devils

Directors : Tim Conrad, Tom Pollock, Crispin Reece, Paul Kilback

BriteSpark Films for Discovery Channels

8 x 60'

A series which exposes the secrets of charming beaus who turned into cunning killers. Each episode features one story interlaced with commentary from the police involved with the case, the prosecution and defence, as well as first-person accounts from friends and families of the victims.

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