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Did He Do It ?

Directors : Tim Conrad, Tom Pollock, Mike Taylor

BriteSpark Films for Discovery Channels

6 x 60'

Some horrifying miscarriages of justice are re-examined with testimony from the principal players, including relatives and friends of the victims as well as the police officers and legal teams on both sides.

Britain's Wildest Weather 2014

Director : Nic Young

Arrow Media for Channel 4


The amazing human stories and incredible science behind the wild weather events that hit Britain in 2014, from floods to tornadoes and hurricanes.

dead soldier.jpg
Ultimate Warfare

Director : Ben Mole, Ian Clark

Arrow Media for The History Channel

4 x 60'

CGI - heavy reconstructions of some of the greatest battles in the history of warfare. Amazing special effects with limited resources.

yellow face.jpg
Monsters in my Head

Director : Jim Nally

Firecracker Films for Animal Planet / Discovery

3 x 60'

An investigation into the terrifying events that occur when people are visited in the night by demon-like creatures and other strange conditions of the mind. Interviews, analysis and graphic reconstructions.

Soft Underbelly

Director : Russell Barnes

Barnes Hassid Productions for BBC4


An historical analysis of the wisdom of Churchill's Mediterranean strategy in the second world war presented by David Reynolds.

reindeer riding.jpg
Trailblazers: Mongolia

Director : Neve Cunningham

Transatlantic Films for Discovery Networks


This film follows photojournalist Nick Danziger as he goes on a three week journey to the farthest reaches of Outer Mongolia.

Kings of Construction

Directors : Neve Cunningham, Patrick Fleming,

Wag TV for Discovery Networks

3 x 60'

These films follow the crucial stages in giant engineering projects, an indoor ski slope in Dubai, a gas reprocessing plant above the Arctic Circle in Norway and the longest tunnel in the world underneath the Alps in Switzerland. The observational camera captures the human drama as well as the engineering challenges.

angry hyena
Eaten Alive

Director : Tim Conrad

Cineflix for Animal Planet / Discovery


Re-enactment of people being atacked by lions and hyenas using real animals at close quarters. Shot in South Africa.

Sun Cross.jpg
The Gospel of Judas

Director : James Barratt

National Geographic Television – Specials


A film which made headlines around the world. An ancient Coptic text is discovered in a remote cave in Egypt , supposedly 'The Gospel According to Judas' . This film explores the background behind the discovery and the consequences for Christianity.

gun man.jpg
Safari, Witchcraft and Murder

Director : Carl HIndmarch

Raw TV for Channel 4


Interviews and dramatic reconstructions graphically bring to life the story of David Simpson, a young Englishman wrongly imprisoned in the Central African Republic for the murder of 13 miners.

The Battle That Made Britain

Director : Lucy McDowell

Wall to Wall for Channel 4


The story of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobites, and the political legacy of the Battle of Culloden. Interviews, atmospheric imagery and abstract reconstruction.

Who Downed Douglas Bader ?

Director : Patrick Fleming

Wildfire TV for Channel 4


The hunt for the wreckage of Douglas Bader’s Spitfire shot down over Northern France in 1941. A mixture of forensics, computer models and straightforward archaeology are deployed in this historical detective story.

Pevsner's Cities - Oxford

Director : Eliya Arman

Wag TV for Channel 5


Gavin Stamp presents a tour of Oxford’s architectural heritage.

Out There : Minefields

Director : Fiona Caldwell

National Geographic Television


A character-led film that shows the work of the mine clearance teams in Western Cambodia as they inch their way through the jungle in an extremely hazardous and exasperating battle against the hundreds of thousands of mines.

Columbus: Secrets from the Grave

Director : Lisa Harney

Atlantic Productions for Discovery


With DNA testing of his bones and testimony from a number of experts, this programme tries to settle once and for all the mystery of where Columbus actually came from: Spain or Italy. A mix of interview, dramatic reconstruction and actuality.

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