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Freaky Eaters

Director : Emma Jessop

Betty TV for BBC3

2 x 60'

Series about people with strange eating habits and the attempts to rehabilitate them with psychological counselling.

Girls Alone

Director : Kim Flitcroft

Dual Purpose Productions for Channel 4


Ten 11-year old girls are left completely alone in a house for a week to see how they cope without supervision. Two crews film their every move with strictly no intervention (pure observation). I shot the night-shift unsupervised

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Messrs. McGough & McDermott

Director : Barbara Politsch

Independent for Austrian TV


Drama/Documentary about two eccentric artists in New York who live life and produce works of art that are grounded in early twentieth century culture.

Industrial Revelations – Best of British

Director : Christopher Bruce

Wag TV for Discovery UK


A reverential look at some of the design icons of British Engineering presented by Rory McGrath.

Elton in Vegas

Director : Anne MacGregor

Moondance Films for Sky Networks


An observational documentary following the renowned photographer David La Chapelle as he puts together his design for the Elton John stage show in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Errol Morris

Director : Kevin MacDonald

Minerva Pictures for US Cable Networks


A retrospective of one of the most interesting documentary film-makers currently working, including interviews with Werner Herzog, Fred Wiseman and Philip Glass.

Fat Plague

Director : Chris Spencer

Optomen for Channel 4


Can you catch obesity like you catch a cold ? A primetime programme looks at the science.


Director : Daniel Richler

IWCMedia for Discovery Networks


An attempt to separate fact from fiction in the murky world of vampires and vampirism. Presenter led, detective style investigation with dramatic elements. Filmed in Transylvania, Romania.

Boyle Family

Directors : Fran Robertson & Georgia Boyle

Surface Films for BBC Scotland


The Boyle family, father, mother, daughter, son all work together making works of art. With unprecedented access and using a mix of intimate observation and interviews, this film documents the creative process and the inevitable artistic and familial clashes.

Guyana: Trouble in Paradise

Director : Kim Flitcroft

Diverse World for BBC

6 x 30'

'Access all areas' to the corridors of power, this series shows the inner workings of the government in Guyana as it struggles with a multitude of problems that are threatening the stability of this forgotten corner of South America. A mixture of interview and pure observation.

Bull Runners of Pamplona

Director : Aubrey Powell

San Fermin Films


Documentary following some of the runners and the bulls in the traditional Pamplona bull run.


Director : Mark Neale

Mark Neale for UK Terrestrial


An observational film following the teams competing in the first electric-powered motorbike race on the Isle of Man.

To the Manor Bowen

Director : Neve Cunningham

Fresh One Productions for Living TV

3 x 60'

'Warts and all' series following Laurence LLewelyn-Bowen and family as they move from town to country.

History’s Turning Points II

Directors : Greg Lanning, Patrick Fleming, Fiona Caldwell, Chris Lethbridge, Nigel Maslin, Justin Albert, Revel Guest

Transatlantic Films for Discovery Networks

8 x 30'

Historical recreations of momentous events in world history using limited resources to great effect.

Naked City

Director : Dominic Savage

Blakeway Prods for Channel 4

2 x 60'

The brief. To provide atmospheric and unusual shots of the City of London to add texture and style to a programme about the square mile. From a window-cleaner’s hoist to the top of Canary Wharf, a thorough study.

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